Saturday, 9 November 2013

Attention to all parents!

Just sharing some news:

1. A medical student from Universiti Kebangsaan Malaysia (UKM), identified as 21-year-old Alvern Loo, committed suicide after failing to get consent from his parents to switch to another course. 
2. He wrapped his head with a white plastic bag and hanged himself with a belt at his parents' bedroom. It was believed that he took the opportunity to kill himself when his parents were not at home.
3. Oriental Daily understands that Alvern's father is the assistant principal of SMK Chung Hwa, Kuala Pilah while his mother is a teacher attached to SMK Tuanku Muhammad. 
4. Alvern's father told Oriental Daily that Alvern is the eldest son in the family and has a bright future.
5. The parents had initially disagreed with Alvern's decision to change to another course, but backed down few days after. 
6. The depressed father explained that he was upset at first because his son had studied MBBS for 3 years, so he had wanted him to persevere. He didn't expect Alvern to end his life as he had already given a green light to Alvern thereafter. 
7. When Alvern's mother chanced upon the dead body in her bedroom, she broke down in tears and hugged the body tight. 
8. Kuala Pilah OCPD Supt Azmi Abdul Rahim said the case has been classified as sudden death.


So parents, please think carefully before forcing your child to take up something he doesn't want to. What you think might be best for him, might end up being the worst. R.I.P. Alvern Loo.