Saturday, 9 November 2013

Attention to all parents!

Just sharing some news:

1. A medical student from Universiti Kebangsaan Malaysia (UKM), identified as 21-year-old Alvern Loo, committed suicide after failing to get consent from his parents to switch to another course. 
2. He wrapped his head with a white plastic bag and hanged himself with a belt at his parents' bedroom. It was believed that he took the opportunity to kill himself when his parents were not at home.
3. Oriental Daily understands that Alvern's father is the assistant principal of SMK Chung Hwa, Kuala Pilah while his mother is a teacher attached to SMK Tuanku Muhammad. 
4. Alvern's father told Oriental Daily that Alvern is the eldest son in the family and has a bright future.
5. The parents had initially disagreed with Alvern's decision to change to another course, but backed down few days after. 
6. The depressed father explained that he was upset at first because his son had studied MBBS for 3 years, so he had wanted him to persevere. He didn't expect Alvern to end his life as he had already given a green light to Alvern thereafter. 
7. When Alvern's mother chanced upon the dead body in her bedroom, she broke down in tears and hugged the body tight. 
8. Kuala Pilah OCPD Supt Azmi Abdul Rahim said the case has been classified as sudden death.


So parents, please think carefully before forcing your child to take up something he doesn't want to. What you think might be best for him, might end up being the worst. R.I.P. Alvern Loo.


  1. "we're busy living OTHER PEOPLE'S DREAM"... although i am a doctor, i'm not a narrow-minded person. the way i see it, malaysian has this sick mindset, where doctor is a profession that guarantee big salary, fame, & respect... trust me, you or your children will NEVER get these 3 things that you have in your mind.... unless you or your children becomes the specialist with the X-factor (respected because you're the only one or among the few, who can do stuff other specialist CANNOT do)... can't you see that you're being programmed???? what you see (in tv), what you hear (in radio) and what you read (in newspaper, books) is WHAT YOU BELIEVE !!!!
    Aidil, author of

  2. hi Danny, read your story , pretty much mine. I left my job too . I gave in the 1 month resignation thing and yeah, i quit. officially March 2012.

    it was not an easy decision but i did it. at that point i didnt have any clue on how to go about quitting. i didnt know we could go MIA. well guess everything happens for a reason.

    housemanship was just too much for at that point.

    I had a nervous breakdown. i used to cry day in and out. i was so freaking scared to go to work and everyday i would park my car and literally vomit before starting my day.

    i was married. had a child whom i was breastfeeding i must say the postpartum depression wasn't doing any good hand in hand with housemanship. too much hormones, trust me.

    i used to question myself, WHY me? I was not a century scoring student thorough medical school but i knew i was good with people and patients loved me. i was lucky enough i was married to an Indian man who rescued me to a far away land, India, and man i tell u, that was a eye opener.

    Initially i was at home, being a housewife and doing house errands and that was making me go crazy. i used to be miserable everyday. crying and weeping,.i thought i deserved more than this just. i didnt want to succumb to being just it.

    and one fine day, a magic happened. a turning point of my life. one of my friend asked me if i wanted to work in her aunty's hospital in Chennai.

    I took it without second guesses. they only paid me rm 30 for a day. i did it. and the world changed. i was skyrocketing. the hospital i took up job was in the most prestigious area in whole of Chennai. ( Rajinikanth and Jayalalitha stays there, just to name a few).

    Within a fraction of a second, i started treating celebrities. yes those i have ogled in TV were now my patients. they became my friends and absolutely loved me. they began to call me up for quick medical advice and i was feeling like Wohoo! this is fantastic.

    i must tell u'll the working culture there.

    super specialist and senior surgeons will treat u like a human and stand there and discuss with u cases during rounds and teach u the wisdom and not throw ATTITUDE like our fellow hostile malaysian system.

    i used to love to go to work. i would spring outta work and put on my best smile and be present at work day in and day out.

    I knew i was in the right place to learn and grow . If ever i was going to be a doctor,i am going to in India.

    i want to open a franchise of nail saloons all over India and call it Dr. Nails.

    It will realise, soon.

    Right now, i am back in Malaysia on a break to earn money and brainstorm on making RM 30 000 a month.

    " What the mind can conceive, it can conceive".

    Looking into venturing into some kinda MLM or something and go back to India with a bang with passive income flowing into my account.

    Happy 2014, guys!

  3. " what the mind can conceive, it can achieve"

  4. Hi, how are u dong with the new life after housemanship?

    1. hi,

      well, currently I'm kinda enjoying my life. not to say my job is great, my job still sucks, but it's not as bad as housemanship, and I have more time to spend, better sleep, i eat better, etc.

      overall, no regrets. i wont say im living the dream, but at least i woke up from the nightmare.

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    1. salam.. im not sure, but u can forward ur resume to me, and i can pass it to the HR. :)

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