Friday, 21 December 2012

Should You Quit?

Okay, let's get straight to the point, since I'm not good with lengthy opening statements. Plus, no one ever reads them anyway.

Here's the deal. Since I started writing this depressing blog, I received quite a lot of e-mails, comments, messages, and phone calls from fellow housemans, all asking me this question: Should I quit?

Come on guys, I'm a nobody. You shouldn't quit just because some random guy on the internet told you to.
What're you gonna tell your parents?
"Mom, there's this one guy on the internet with a picture of a unicorn as his profile, and he said that I should quit my housemanship."

Listen, I didn't write this blog because I want to encourage HOs to quit. That was never my intention.

I wrote this blog so that I could share with HOs who want to quit and will quit anyway regardless the existence of this blog, that quitting is not the end of the world, and that there are alternatives.

If your heart really wants you to quit, but you're afraid to do so out of fear of job insecurity, parents' objection, financial issues, etc, then this is where I hope my blog would serve its purpose as a platform to share our experiences, our decisions, and our dreams.

But if you wanted to do medicine yet you feel like quitting just because you can't stand the long working hours, the tough job, the scoldings, then no, you shouldn't quit just because of that. Other jobs are tough too. Just because housemanship is shitty, doesn't mean other jobs out there are like a bed of roses. Being an underwriter might not be as shitty as being a HO, but it's still shitty nevertheless.

Final word is, the decision to quit or not to quit, that's all up to you. Ask yourself, why do you want to quit.

Don't quit because you feel that you are not worth it, or you feel you won't be able to make it through, because I have tons of friends who don't know shit during medical school, who can't do anything right, whose voice tremble everytime they try to answer a question, yet they are still doing their housemanship and they're doing great, because they want to become doctors. It is their passion. So if you have the passion for it, go for it.

If you already decided that you want to quit, but you don't know how, and what can you do after you quit, then this is where I hope I can help you guys with whatever bits of experience I have.


  1. Hi danny, found ur blog by accident. im still a new ho currently in my first posting.not planning to quit anytime soon despite how 'awesome' this job is.but i must say tht ur blog give me sense of relief tht im not alone in this.i was eager to start working, to become an adult. i expected the heavy workload, scolding, no social life.i was so naive i thought i could handle it but once it all started,everday im on the verge of breaking down. i get so depressed i was considering to seek for psychiatry treatment.but then i found ur blog, (catchy blogname btw) actually make me realize its not just me who struggling, and ironically this blog give me more semangat to survive this housemsnship period. i personally dont think tht ur words are encouraging people to quit housrmanship, but rather to give better insight of what you will face once u choose to quit ur ho. im not against it but at the same time im not supporting quitting houseman as well.we are all grown up, think what is the best for is tough despite u are a ho or not.make decision not only with ur heart but ur mind as well. And for u danny, i wish all the best for u! plz pray for us who still try to survive the housemanship. :-)

    1. Hi marshi_dean,

      thanks for your encouraging comments. you pretty much summed up what i hope to achieve with this blog. (not a catchy name btw, chose that name so that the blog would come out on top in google search).
      im glad to know that despite the tremendous pressure of being a HO, you still manage to see the bright side and stay strong.

      me on the other hand, while I was a HO, every single morning I wished that someone would steal my car, or crash into it, or kidnap me, just so that i dont have to go to work. that's how much i hated housemanship. but then i just thought to myself, "fuck that, i love my car, why should i crash it just so that i dont have to come to work? why not just quit this job and do whatever the fuck i want, and keep my car?" that sort of thing.

      anyway, thanks for the kind wish. and i hope those who really have it in their heart that they want to become a doctor, would get through their housemanship without any problems. good luck marshi_dean!

  2. what a co-incidence for me to find your blog here Danny! I'm currently following your path up to the point of awaiting reply from the insurance company for my application as medical underwriter. Great to know that I'm not alone, do u mind to share your current working condition? still satisfactory as an underwriter? And if u would like to, how can i contact u personally to exchange experience or ideas?

    1. hey there.
      working condition wise, well i think i've described it somewhere in my previous posts. but a quick recap, it's an office job, facing the monitor all the time, with late OTs on month's ends.

      im quite satisfied with my job now, just that the pay is a little low for me.

      u can always contact me through this blog, and i'll reply whenever im free. :)

  3. You are definitely not alone
    Maybe we all should form a group or something - you know just to help out the others who are lost


    1. hey guys...i fully agree with formin a group....i just "discovere" you guys today...short background...i quit HO and join a pharma comp as a rep for the past year...just started my 2nd year this year...its kind of comforting knowing theres others like me...thus i fully support(if anyone has idea how to do so) the formation of a group whereby we could give each other insights on our current jobs, difficulties..etc..and more importantly on whats in store for ppl like y`all

  4. Definitely.
    Having a group of people with similar ideas, sharing the same problem would be a good plan.
    Its not actually to discourage people to stay in the doctors factory, but more to discuss any possibilities, to be the third voice in terms of pitching alternatives to whatsoever problems we are facing.
    Yup, others might call you quitters or losers. But it wont help you solve problems. To solve the problem, you have to dig the cores.
    Sincerely I think this group have something in common. We are actually the kind hearted person who were shocked to see how the medical field system in malaysia can turn people to be so cruel, evil and heartless. People stuck in the system made the field look so bad and not worth working for. Its the manners of the medical people who create bad environments hence making medicine looks so uncool. Its quite surprising that the ones treating the patients actually need more treatment and in greater pain either mentally or spiritually.
    And we should also stop the madness of the citizen who still wanted their kids to be doctors. The media potraying doctors as the most noble people on earth. And the dogma of the education system to create professionals without souls.
    People should also realise that the jobs in this whole world is not just doctors, engineers, lawyers or lecturers.
    Instead we should start thinking that we should create people who can create jobs for others, not only jobseekers.
    We should produce inspiring movies like 3 Idiots someday. Definitely.

    1. Penyatarahman,

      I thought what you've mentioned here was great.
      At times, people just don't realize how time changes everything, including the job market.

      Long ago when a career as a pilot was very promising, look at what's happening now.

      If you look at the job market in 2010, top 10 jobs in demand doesn't even exist in 2004.

      I would strongly support the formation of such group. Let me know if anyone is interested.

    2. I think as danny had created this blog which attracted people of similar idea, and i believe he had been contacted by those people, maybe he can give a big help in creating such a group.
      What say you, danny?
      The group is not to influence people of quitting housemanship; but to study a holistic approach on tackling related problems.

    3. uhh, i dont think im qualified to create such a group. whatever knowledge i have, it's pretty much all shared in this blog already. other than that, i was hoping that other people might contribute here and there in the comments, and i will compile them from time to time..

      sorry guys, but this blog is the best i could do to help fellow housemans. :(

    4. hey guys count me in the same boat...(quit HO-now med rep)cheers

    5. Same goes here..let's form a group n show those who think us as losers for quitting that we are still breathing and surviving..(in d process of resign ho)

    6. looking at the trend of people visiting this blog, i feel that it is necessary to form a group for us in the same boat... i know its quite too late, but those haters make me can't no longer stand it anymore....
      so for beginning:
      1) we should discuss a good name for it
      2) should it be in form of a blog/ fb page / anything else?
      3) should it be private/public?

    7. Salam and hi to all. I just started a group in Facebook for all medical graduates in Malaysia who decided not to practice medicine anymore regardless of reason. I'm planning to form an association that acts as a support group for those who are planning to or had already quit medicine in the future. Come and join us at

  5. hello there im quitting my housemanship this early i still need to pay my salary for 1 months which is the feb since its early march anyway ive started quiting?

    1. if u're quitting with a 1 month notice, then no need to pay. Otherwise, yes you need to pay 1 month worth of salary.

      E.g. u submit resign letter 10 Feb, then ur last day will be 10 March. The Feb salary u will still get.

  6. How to quit?sebd the resignation letter to HOD OR HR??? An email to HOD is juz ok or not?


  7. Where to swnd the resignation letter?an email to H.O.D shud b ok or not?

    1. Try to be professional and write a formal letter on paper. U can also ask for a resignation notice form which Im sure the HR/Admin will have.

  8. Hi guys.. so dilemma...I really want to quit ho..but I dunno what I can do outside.i hate my life life busy tired feels stupid...aaarrgghh relief to read all of urs some hope thr for me..

  9. I accidentally encountered this blog when I was searching for DOSH website. On evaluation I realized it has become a whirlpool for quitting HOs. But if you read the blog thoroughly, you should realize even though being a doctor may not be initially fulfilling, quitting may not turn out to be a dream come true either. You may feel happy being unemployed for a week or two, living with your parents and driving daddy's datsun, but later you will realize that 2.5k per month deskjob does not buy you a ps3, pay your tony roma's bills, or accommodate your girlfriend's gucci bags. Living life requires cash, and HOs bear in mind, freedom actually comes after completion of Housemanship.

    1. I also think that it is only fair if danial enlightens his audience with the outcome of his endeavour, since you intend to aid your wayward ''brothers''. Will you ride with your girlfriend in her bmw into the sunset, living the life of having a medical degree and succeeding in a field not requiring contemporary medical work. While we await that outcome, allow me to impart my piece of advice here in your blog: to all HOs, have faith in Allah, stay and complete your housemanship and you will reap the outcome. Your deskjob of 2.5k per month will be a pale comparison to the 8K of a freelance locum, 13K of a resident GP, 20K of a private ED MO, if money is your drive, and this is just the mo level, only 2 years away. So diverse is this field of medicine that it can cater the needs of a nerd, an authoritative asshole, an idealistic zealot, or even a slacking freeloader. Do not leave. Do not ask a nobody from thr internet. Ask someone who knows. I'm open for consultation foc, provided you haven't quit yet and are not an asshole.

    2. FYI Anonymous,

      Pls correct your figures.

    3. I never said after quitting you can get 8k per month.

      I provide them with facts and options. I did not encourage anybody to quit. I am merely telling you what you can do if you want to quit anyway.

      Doctors shouldnt look at money as the main object. Otherwise, that's why there are tons of clinics out there prescribing supplements which are not even endorsed by KKM or USFDA as a proper supplement or drug. That's why there are doctors giving their patients those "transfer fractor" that costs thousands of ringgits.

      And please, if you want to leave a comment, at least put a pseudoname. I dont know which anonymous is which.

      As for me, I'm not living the dream life. I'm not driving my gf's BMW into the sunset. Who the fuck said that in the first place?
      But am I happy? You bet I am. I dont drag my feet to work anymore. I dont spend every night thinking about what's coming next morning anymore. I dont wish I got hit by a truck when Im on the way to work anymore. I'm absolutely happy with my life. So even though it's not a dream life, it's much better than what I had before.

    4. Who told you my name is Danial anyway? Do I know you in person?

      Wow, a doctor who looks down on others who has a medical degree but decided to quit. I thought people from the same profession would be more understanding. Guess I was wrong.

      To other HOs, feel free to ask these guys for a better advice. I'm sure they can convince you to stay with the job, and eventually become successful doctors earning 20k per month, living the dream.

      Dont listen to me. I'm only earning a basic of 2.9k per month. Ngam2 enough to survive in KL. Cant buy my gf a Gucci handbag. Good thing my gf aint a bitch who demands one anyway. Pity the guy who has a gf like that. I cant afford to eat Tony Roma's for dinner every nite. Although my gf doesnt like western anyway, and we take turns paying for dinner.

      But of course not everyone has a gf like mine. So if your girl is a bitch who asks for those things, then please by all means continue your housemanship to support her lavish lifestyle. I'm sure you'd be better off that way. I'm sure you'd be happy.

      So there you go, the outcome of my endeavor. Earning a measly salary, doing a desk job from 9 to 5, but happy with it anyway. I dunno who's dumb enough to think that after quitting HO they could become millionaires anyway.

    5. To Anonymous,

      Honestly, from what you've written over there, you seems to belittle those who is having a desk job? Sorry if it's otherwise.

      I respect anyone who earns an honest living, be it a Doctor, Salesman, Office Clerk, Taxi Driver, etc.

      And FYI, some "unworthy" desk job officers like what you've claimed earns even more than a specialist.

      Do NOT portray a false message here dude. One can be successful in any field, provided that he's the best.

      Enough said.

    6. Hahaha, all apologies for the wrong message portrayed. I do not look down on a deskjob, but I look down on people opting for a deskjob so that they can come late, leave early, not get scolded for coming an hour late and hardly do anything at work. If you think earning 2.9k in this time and age is sufficient, then you may want to think again in a few years time, with kids on the way and having to pay for food, a house and a car. Will you regret then? Maybe not. But other people do have to cater a family, and I do now want them to see this option of yours only from your point of views. There is no need to sell morphine over the counter to get rich. Being a professional and really good at what you do is enough. As for pagalavan's opinion, that is based on experience. My opinion is based on mine. I share my views just as danial sabri here shares his. But unlike him, I encourage people to oppurtunities. You may resign actually, but if you do make sure the timing is right. Have patience, get an apc and then resign. Am I the one misleading? I think not.

    7. So, who are you anyway? Dont have the balls to reveal your identity? Pfftt..

      People get increments and promotions by the way. It's not 2.9k for the rest of my life. And I thought was the pessimistic one here.

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    9. until mr anonymous reveals his identity, imma just delete his comments.

    10. This comment has been removed by the author.

    11. It looks like Mr Anonymous still couldnt get over the issue, and now he's continuing his rants over here:

      Even though he twisted the story in his favour, instead of gaining support, it seems that he was corrected even by Dr Pagavalan himself. Way to go Mr Anonymous.

    12. This comment has been removed by the author.

    13. Hi Ultramarine.

      You didnt seem to understand the situation. You see, mr anonymous suddenly came here and started to chastise everyone who wanted to quit HO, to the point that it seems like an insult. And also, he started to refer to me using my full name, which I never revealed in the first place. So, this means Mr Anonymous is someone I know. that's why i insist on having an ID. And it's also easier to go through his comments, cos otherwise everyone would be anonymous. If you read the pagavalan blog, you would notice that there are lots of "anonymous" supporting each other, and funny thing is they all have the same style of writing.

      I hope you realize that back then, this blog was set to free for all, which means everyone could comment, using different nicknames each time. Hence the loophole where anonymous people could start commenting and supporting "each other" using different pseudonyms.

      Now looking at your conversation below with Al Kelantani, it seems that you have the same mindset as Mr Anonymous. Now although I agree on the part where you inspire HO to continue their housemanship, I also hope you would not belittle those who didnt. I believe any further arguments similar to the ones we had with Mr Anonymous would be futile, as we both stand firm on our own principles. If you wish to encourage these HOs to continue medicine, please do so. I fully support you on this, because I hate to see these HO quit as well, especially those who actually wanted to do medicine, just that they could not stand the workload and pressure.

      If you, or anyone for that matter, wishes to know my real identitiy, you could send me an e-mail. Heck I even added some of these HOs on facebook. So my identity isnt really a secret.

    14. Oh wait,

      it seems that you can find someone on facebook just using their email. haha. my bad then. but still, to reveal someone's identity like that on another site is just breaching their privacy.

      So there you go. My identity revealed even further. Just find my email in facebook and u're gonna get to my profile. And I believe it's a public profile at that. So I guess it's not really a secret in the first place.

  10. Danny,

    I know throughout this journey, there'll be many who will constantly question the decision we've made.

    Stay positive and be passionate about what you are doing right now. Ignore these people as they don't matter to your career anyways.

    I fully support what you're doing right now in this blog, as it also serves as a reminder for the young ones to not join medicine for the wrong reasons.

    Btw, to digress a bit, are you taking any LOMA or ALU papers?

    You know what, we should keep in touch often. Thanks.


    1. That guy wasn't questioning. That guy was just being annoying.

      Acting all high and mighty just because he's doing his housemanship?

      Doctors like these are the ones who are giving junior HOs a hard time. Becos they believe the HOs need a hard time. It's a norm for them. It's a norm to look down on your friends who are not performing well during their HO, or having thoughts of quitting.

      "Wayward brothers"? Did you even hear what you've just said? Just shows how understanding you are of our problems.

      You know when I wanted to quit, who actually gave me the strength to keep on going for a few more months? Senior HOs who listen to me. Who understands my problem. Who tried their best to help me if I cant do my job well. Who saw that I loathe my job, and offered help with my daily HO chores even though they're busy themselves. These are the HOs that I kept on enduring my housemanship for. Because they were just really nice and I dont want to disappoint them. (although I quitted anyway).

      Not the senior HOs who keep on telling me not to quit, or things like "you're gonna waste your 5 year degree just like that?" or "at least get your APC first" or "what can you do with your degree out there? just stay strong until you finish HO". These are the HOs who dont even bother to ask how am I doing after I quit.

      So if you think you're doing the other HOs a favor by just telling them to stay strong and endure, chances are you dont even give a damn about them in the first place.

      Btw Cardiprin, those are directed towards the anonymous HO. Not you.

      I'll be taking a LOMA 281 and 291 this May. ALU they say is quite difficult and expensive, so Im gonna do the LOMA first and do the ALU the next round.

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  11. To the coward anonymous (
    Earlier you mentioned: "have faith in Allah, stay and complete your housemanship and you will reap the outcome."

    Do you ever understand what does it mean by have faith in Allah?
    Nope, i don't think so, as you persistently trying to defend the glorious world of being a doctor by looking only the aspect of money, money and more money. I'm sorry but your writings may portrayed how the medical field had turned you to be such a crooked materialistic person.

    You also made a merely disjunctive accusation:(I look down on people opting for a desk-job so that they can come late, leave early, not get scolded for coming an hour late and hardly do anything at work)

    It is proven, Mr. Coward, that you are a proof that how our medical field successfully transforms a naive person to be a cold hear-ted person.

    Your misjudgment towards other people and your behavior to look down on other professions are among the common cultures in the medical fields, To survive in this field, you need to have abilities such as blaming others,looking down on others,egoistic, never try to listen, never try to understand, gossiping, politicking and much more.

    Please oh please Mr. Coward, try to understand the philosophy of faith. Please read more literature on Tasawwuf like Ihya Ulum Addin or Syarah Al-Hikam. Please purify your heart. Don't be the victim of materialistic world. Don't be the tool of the pharmaceutical company. Please read the final message of Dr. Richard Teo.

    Live with dignity, it is a shame that money is your ultimate drive. Ask yourself, what is the purpose of life? Please learn more about Islam.

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    1. Wife kerja? Kalau dah ada baby, nak kena bertahan lebih sikit la.. Sebab other career options, mostly gaji rendah lagi daripada HO. Ada yang gaji ok, tapi ini jenis2 company yang jual health product yang takde scientific basis, guna doctor as ambassador je.

  13. hi... found this blog while searching for how to quit houseman,
    sincerely, i hate being a doctor/ho. got palpitation everyday before going to work, i feel like live in hell.
    i hate the workload, no one appreciates what houseman done, the boss even said to me that i am just "duduk2" there doing nothing. omg!

    i want to quit and find another job.
    any advice and how to become underwriter?

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  14. hi zarazara,

    i hope you are not quiting because of the workload or the scoldings. Those things happen everywhere, in any kind of job. So do think twice, and really decide what you want to do in life.

    If you really have no passion for medicine, never wanted to become a doctor, then only you start thinking of other career alternatives. If you want to become an underwriter, kindly forward your resume to me at

  15. Dude... I need some enlightenment..
    Anyone here been referred to PSY?
    What are the reasons to be sent to PSY?
    What are the consequences?
    Is it necessary / helpful to be sent to PSY?

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  17. Salam semua. Saya bawa khabar gembira buat semua pelarian HO di sini bahawa ada peluang kerja sebagai DOKTOR atau lebih tepat lagi sebagai MEDICAL CONSULTANT di syarikat ORION PROKASIH. Sila dapatkan maklumat lanjut dengan menghubungi mereka melalui page di FB atau di blog rasmi mereka. Gaji RM4K no kidding. Campur imbuhan sales boleh capai RM5-6K sebulan. Saya telah kerja di situ. Skop kerja amat mudah dan waktu pejabat. Status kerja tetap bukan kontrak. Ia adalah anak syarikat kepada LIFECARE DIAGNOSTIC MEDICAL CENTER. Mereka perlukan lagi 40 orang doktor sama ada taraf HO atau MO. Pekerjaan anda tidak melanggar MMC kerana hanya consult sahaja. Syarikat ini sedang membesar dan akan buka cawangannya di seluruh negara mulai tahun depan. Perasmian akan dibuat September ini. Kerja akan bermula 26hb Ogos. Prospek untuk menjadi Manager cawangan pun ada. Syarikat ini didukung oleh agensi2 kerajaan seperti Majlis Belia Negara dan EDEC. Ia adalah salah satu usaha kerajaan untuk membantu BUMIPUTERA maju dalam perniagaan produk perubatan dan kesihatan melalui program 1Mkasih4U.

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    2. Too late? Come on mate... even MOs also applied for this job.

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    4. Hi Kelantani,
      Have you received your first payment? Just wait till your due then you talk. I know somebody who used to work there and quit due to this reason.

      Anyway, before inviting more people, just study first regarding the project you mentioned, prokasih? So called helping bumiputra. You should learned all their dramas and tricks.

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    6. Hello, im also a houseman who is currently in suffer, and try took for a new prospective or chances of job outside there, im interested with your offer regarding the orion prokasih, im intersted andnwould like to know more.this is my email,

  18. I agreed with some of your advice but firstly, ORION PROKASIH is not a MLM type of company. Secondly, doctors there are not touching the patients, they just consult, so it's not breeching the MMC code of conduct. Even medical student can do the consultation freely without MMC permission. Thirdly, the products being sold are of alternative medicine. Fourth... Ex-HOs can still retain the title DR. as long as they're not breeching the MMC code of conduct, example, by practicing (clinically) illegally. So it's not wrong for ex-HOs to get a job which is still in the medical-health related field and with a good if not better salary. Doctors in ORION PROKASIH are not SALESMEN, because the company already has their own salesmen to do the promoting and marketing. As I said this not kind of MLM or Dr. Rozmey or Kak Ton's type of business. It's a part of the LIFECARE MEDICAL CENTER TCM division. We got an advanced, high-tech German made medical devices which can rapidly test and diagnose the probability of illness for a client with a near 90% accuracy so far. So the company need those with MBBS or MD to consult the patient based on the result from the device and SUGGESTING a suitable product for them. So it's easy and it's a business. If MMC or MOH want to investigate this company then please go ahead. The company is not fancily claimed can heal or cure any chronic illnesses but we promote a good way of life by taking a medically approved supplements which at least can minimize or halt the advancement of diseases. Is it wrong? Is it a dishonourable job?





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  24. Ginilah ULTRAMARINE, sebelum aku jawab hal-hal yang ko persoalkan kepada aku tu, aku nak tanya:

    1) Ko tau tak batas-batas PENDAFTARAN SEMENTARA MMC itu? Ko tau tak pula apa itu APC dan apa yang APC benarkan sebagai "lesen" seseorang doktor itu berkhidmat?

    2) Ko tau tak KKM sekarang ini sedang masukkan TCM sebagai salah satu cabang perubatan dalam hospital kerajaan? Seperti di Hospital Putrajaya.

    3) Ko tahu tak bahawa kerja DOKTOR di syarikat ORION PROKASIH ini memberi CONSULTATION sahaja di mana ia juga dilakukan oleh HO (tanpa APC) di wad hospital kerajaan?

    4) Ko nak tahu mengenai alat buatan Jerman syarikat kami itu, jom turun ke LIFECARE DIAGNOSTIC MEDICAL CENTER, aku boleh tunjukkan kepada ko satu persatu secara live. Cakap banyak kat sini tiada guna sebab ko masih boleh berdolak-dalik macam YAHUDI ketika Nabi cuba kenalkan Islam kepada mereka.

    5) Ko tahu tak syarikat ORION PROKASIH ada sebuah pusat perubatan (Lifecare Diagnostic Medical Center) sebagai syarikat induknya? Takkan aku sebagai doktor di syarikat ini cakap macam Tok Bomoh atau penjual ubat di pasar malam ketika beri consultation. Sebab klien yang datang ke Medical Center ini pun cerdik-cerdik belaka.

    6) Ko tahu ke yang mendapatkan khidmat dari TCM adalah mereka yang sudah fade up atau give up dengan perubatan konvensional?

    7) Ko tahu ke syarikat kami ini tidak berjanji dapat menyembuhkan penyakit Kronik tetapi kami sering menggunakan ayat seperti "USAHA" "IKHTIAR" dan lain-lain? Sebab yang menyembuhkan pun bukanlah perubatan konvensional, tetapi atas izin Tuhan (Allah) belaka, kalau seseorang klien itu sembuh ketika pakai produk TCM, maka itu pun atas izin Tuhan lah sebab di produk kami tiada tertulis perkataan "PASTI SEMBUH" atau "PASTI LEBIH SIHAT".

    8) Ko tahu ke syarikat kami ini juga terikat dengan pemantauan oleh KKM dan MMC? Bukan main berniaga macam orang jual ubat di pasar malam saja. Jika ada yang tak kena aku cabar ko kumpul bukti dan buat laporan pada pihak berkenaan, atau cuba masukkan dalam media BONGKARlah apa yang ko rasa tak betul sangat dengan syarikat ini.

    9) Ko tahu tak beza MLM dengan syarikat yang ada MEDICAL CENTER seperti Orion Prokasih/Lifecare ini?

    10) Ko tau tak DG baru sekarang ini seorang doktor bedah? Bukan lagi kaki khalwat itu?

    11) Ko tahu tak MATI HIDUP itu adalah di tangan Tuhan? Jika pesakit itu benar-benar terbukti mati akibat makan produk dari syarikat kami ni, maka ambillah tindakan perundangan, tiada masalah, asalkan ada BUKTI yang KUKUH. Jangan main fitnah saja. Setakat ini berapa orang pesakit MATI akibat ambil supplement dari pihak TCM semata-mata?

    1. salam, alkelantani,
      can I contact you personally?
      just want to have some advice before I quit HO
      this is my email:
      your help is really appreciated

  25. Confirm lepas ni ULTRAMARINE akan terus meroyan lagi kerana dia tidak tahan untuk dikritik.... hehehe....

    Well bro... pepehal pun, gua dah dapat kerja BEST, tidak kacau periuk nasi ko, dan tak kutuk kerja pihak lain.

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  27. Tengok... keegoan ULTRAMARINE terserlah apabila gagal menjawab segala persoalan yang dimulakan oleh dirinya sendiri sehingga mengelarkan pihak lain sebagai DESPERATE.

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  30. 1) So ko faham tak apa dia batas-batas pemegang PENDAFTARAN SEMENTARA MMC? Ko pun sebut MMC designated CLINICAL practice... lihat perkataan CLINICAL situ, adakah kerja aku sekarang ini yang hanya melibatkan CONSULTATION merupakan suatu kerja CLINICAL? Tolong jangan mem-blur-kan diri beb. Nanti orang nampak ko lagi bodoh sombong pulak nak kritik kerja pihak lain.

    2) Sama ada TCM itu sideline atau tidak, yang penting KKM pun dah iktiraf sampai boleh masuk hospital kerajaan. Kalau TCM itu MAINSTREAM, tak perlu la orang macam ko nak banyak soal kan?

    3) HO di wad apabila mereka consult pesakit, mana ada supervision beb? Wei... ko pernah jadi HO tak? Yang di-supervised biasanya adalah sebarang prosedur rawatan atau diagnostik.

    4) Orion ni syarikat dah lama wujud seiringan dengan LIFECARE DIAGNOSTIC MEDICAL CENTER, dah dekat 8 tahun, cuma sekarang ini sahaja namanya ditambah PROKASIH kerana digerakkan kembali oleh pihak BUMIPUTERA di bawah program keusahawanan kerajaan sendiri yang bernama 1Mkasih4U.

    5) Just because it is a subsidiary of a pharma/medical related company doesn't mean it NOT follows medical ethics. Che rozmey was an obstetrician and he built an MLM company, so kenapa dengan dia? Itu dia punya pasal lah, adakah dia share holder syarikat kami ni? Tidak kan? Masalah ko ni ialah ko suka GENERALIZE setiap perkara yang tak kena dengan kepala otak ko.

    6) Kalau EBM digunakan ke atas produk TCM maka produk itu bukan TCM lagi lah... adoi... itu pun nak aku ajar ke ULTRAMARINE... nama saja ULTRA... ntah apa ntah yang ULTRA nyer cara berfikir ko ni.

    7) La, kalau perkataan IKHTIAR pun ko dah sensitif, habis tu nak guna perkataan apa lagi? Ko ni agama apa ek? Islam ke? Tak kiralah apa jua pekerjaan pun, semua kena relate dengan Islam beb sebab Islam itu CARA HIDUP (Ad-Din). Nabi pun berniaga, adakah baginda pisahkan agama ketika baginda menjalankan perniagaannya?

    8) Tau pun this is Malaysia, ko fikir perubatan konvensional pun tiada penglibatan KRONI ke untuk melobi produk atau projek atau tender itu ini? Come on la bro... matanglah sikit dalam realiti politik negara kita. Jangan tengok sebelah mata saja.

    9) Masalah ko ialah ko nak sangat kaitkan syarikat yang berkait TCM ini dengan MLM, menunjukkan yang ko jenis GENERALIZE semua benda yang tak kena dengan diri ko. Yang aku tahu syarikat aku tidak ajar orang untuk jadi ahli atau ejen dengan mencari ramai lagi klien untuk diserapkan dalam sistem piramid bla bla bla...

    10) So kalau DG sekarang terbukti (kalau terbukti lah) tidak approved TCM, kenapa beliau tidak batalkan saja penyertaan TCM ke dalam hospital kerajaan? Dia ada kuasa what?

    11) Siapa yang buat kerja sesuka hati ni? Cuba spesifik sikit tuduhan ko tu? Yang aku tahu ko yang tuduh pihak orang sesuka hati. Siapa yang jual DRUG atau MEDICINE sini beb? Yang aku tau syarikat Orion jual SUPPLEMENTS. Ada beza tu. Atau ko ni jenis tak faham perbezaan setiap perkara. Cakap main redah saja.

    Beb... aku dah banyak jawab persoalan ko. Semakin ko merapu lagi lepas ni, semakin orang di blog ini akan lihat ko ni jenis ngada-ngada nakkan perhatian, kurang kasih sayang kot. Tapi kesimpulannya, dari komen-komen ko di atas, aku lihat ko ni jenis pandang rendah kepada TCM, anti sangat dengan TCM sampai tidak menerima hakikat bahawa TCM kini bukan hanya semakin diterima oleh masyarakat awam kita, malah oleh kerajaan (KKM) itu sendiri.

    Kepada bro Danny, jika berminat, sila hubungi wakil ORION PROKASIH/LIFECARE. Kita hanya membantu menunjukkan jalan keluar buat rakan-rakan HO yang inginkan kehidupan baru luar dari alam wad.

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  32. Tu dia... sindiran dan ejekan sajalah yang menjadi modal ULTRAMARINE setelah kekeringan idea untuk membalas hujah secara lebih gentlemen.

    Semakin lah orang di blog ni melihat betapa arrogant nya watak ULTRAMARINE ini.

  33. Hello. I'm a fresh mbbs graduate, already registered with kkm n mmc. However, i am having second thoughts about starting housemanship because i know how hard, stressful and tormenting it can be. I can tell you that I did not feel happy on my graduation day because i knew the worse is yet to come n studying mbbs was not purely my choice. To put it in another way, i wish had other options.

    Passing exam by exam in med school to me was only due to pure luck. I was lucky i got this case, i was lucky i got that examiner. Things like that. Sure if i embark on this journey as a houseman, i'm sure i'd be able to survive, but i'm risking my mental health n i'll be losing 2 years of good life. After graduation, i was already wondering how the heck am i already 25? I felt like it was just yesterday that i turned 20. So, i dont want to lose another 2 years of my life, enduring the gloomy life as an HO while regretting the choice i had made.

    I heard they said we should stop the perception that 'it's okay, just endure the sleepless nights, hunger, hardship, yellings, scoldings for 2 years, then we'll be good when we start MOship'. They said it's bullshit coz u'll still suffer as an MO. At least that's what i heard from seniors. Don't get me wrong, I WANT to work as a houseman but i am a very soft person and I don't think i can endure scolding, yelllings, swears, negative perceptions when u make a mistake and people look at you with skepticism because you've almost or already 'killed a patient'. Things like that.

    I love to communicate, i love to deal with human beings.

    Plus i know doctors are very light sleepers. On the contrary, i am a heavy sleeper. I survived medical school with 8-10 hours of sleep per day and pure luck. However, along the way, i fell in love with the clinical field and i kinda like working in the hospital.. But not the working environment and the quality of life it offers.

    Therefore, i am in a dilemma. I know if i started housemanship and broke down or become depressed, i would be thinking about quitting. And i know i will not quit because i would convince myself to stay. But once i quit, i might regret my decision and if i re-started housemanship, my job would be on a contract basis. I dont want that to happen. So, i've been called for interviews with a few companies which i am interested in. Not medically related but at least they are something i am interested in. I don't do sales and i try my best to avoid medical or pharma companies. I just want a job with regular office hours n good salary, so that I can cook dinner for my family and take care of my children well when i got married. But i still love medicine. It's just that i dont want to endure the upcoming years of sleepless nights, irregular working hours, and unpredictable breakdowns.

    To conclude everything, being a doctor was never in the list of my ambition. I wish i had a choice. I do not see myself working as a doctor in 5 years time and i am not interested in specializing in any field. However, i have my own career plans and i can't wait to implement them. It's just that i don't know which is the right thing to do. To try and see how housemanship goes, then quit and be called a 'quitter', or leave medicine behind and be called 'the person who never starts housemanship.'

    Screw what people would say, but help me, I need your opinions.

    And Mr. Danny, how do you handle your medical school friends and relatives who keep on asking why you quit and are giving comments? i mean, if any. I'm worried if i took the other path, i would not be able to keep up with my friends anymore.

    P/S: I am interested in the Orion Prokasih program but i have doubts about the opportunities it has to offer for my career progression and advancement and pay increment. Can somebody enlighten me on that?

    Thank you.

    1. Dear Lisa,

      If you want to know MORE about ORION PROKASIH, then please come to their HQ which is Lifecare Diagnostic Medical Center (also called Wisma Lifecare) at their address in Bangsar South. You can just walk in they will explain the details. Remember, the position offered for MBBS holder like you is DOCTOR or more precisely MEDICAL CONSULTANT at the company. No touching patient, no clinical procedure, just consult and interpret a medical test result. Working on office hours. Good salary (RM4K and above.

    2. About your career progression in ORION PROKASIH, the company said that they're seriously planning to built 100 IMC (Integrative Medical Center) around the nation beginning next year. IMC is a facility like a polyclinic combining conventional and complimentary medicine together as their service. So we (the PIONEER Medical Consultants) will have a chance (based on our performance) to get into IMC and secure a permanent/fixed position there. And also according to what the Vice President of Orion Prokasih told me, we also might have a chance to become 1 of their share holder (business partner) for any of the IMC.

      The company also will increase your allowance based on your skills, example if you know how to handle the electron microscope, which they have in their clinic, then your will be given allowance on that. And there's a yearly increment but I don't know the exact amount, so you can call the company's rep and ask them about it.

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    4. Dear Lisa,

      Nothing is left to luck, except 4D Magnum. If you passed the exams, that means you have what it takes to become a houseman. You have the knowledge, you have the skills. Only thing left is do you want to do it?

      Alpha Legionnaire left some very good comments, much more than I can manage to think. So thank you Alpha Legionnaire, appreeciate your help. You have no idea how hard it is to write comments on my tablet when the java script of this page doesnt load properly.

      Anyway, back to the topic, from the sound of it, you're just scared to start housemanship. That's normal. Everyone is scared of something new, especially when you've heard so many 'horror' stories about it. I have a few HO friends, who are very timid and docile in nature, they wouldnt hurt a fly, very soft spoken to the point i just nod to whatever they say cos i dont want them to repeat so many times, yet they manage to go through their housemanship just fine. Sure some postings are nice, some are hell, but everything in life is like that. Even my job right now aint a walk in the park.

      Let me tell you one thing, I'm pretty good at reading people. Sounds stupid, but it's true. And I have a strong feeling, that you'll make a great HO despite what you think. Trust me on this.

      I know that perhaps it is not your passion or ambition to become a doctor, but think of it as a stepping stone to achieve your real dreams. Once you finish your housemanship, then it will be easy for you to pursue your career anywhere else. You dont have to settle for jobs like sales reps or underwriters. Your career options will be more than mine.

      Dont you worry about sleep and stuff, those things will work out by themselves. I would advise that you try housemanship first. It will be tough at first, i guarantee that. But once you've gotten the pace, you'll enjoy it. Make lots of good friends, this includes HOs, seniors, juniors, nurses, MO, MA, etc. They will help you when you need them the most. I wish you good luck Lisa.

    5. Btw, avoid HKL and Hosp Klang. They say it's HO's hell over there. but of course no doubt that HOs coming from there are usually very good as well.

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  36. Orion Prokasih is a scam? What's the crap you are talking about Legionnaires? What's your proof?

    We the so called doctors in this company never conduct or handle any of clinical work. Not touching the patient at all. And our company is a part of Govt's effort through 1Mkasih4U. So will MMC challenge a proven and legitimate Govt's effort to enhance people's well being through DIAGNOSTIC test and CAM?

    So kepada para MO di luar sana, jgn jeles, buat kerja korang. Jgn menyibuk kerja orang lain. Rezeki bukan hanya dlm wad sebagai HO.

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    4. 1) Betul la, kami yang digelar "DOKTOR" oleh syarikat itu memang la tidak pegang pesakit, tidak buat prosedur klinikal kerana itu akan melanggar undang-undang MMC, jadi apa masalahnya?

      2) Ko tengok skil debat aku buat apa? Ko debat hebat sangat ke? Tengoklah ISI DEBAT, aku minta ko tunjuk bukti apa yang syarikat ini langgar undang-undang tapi ko tak tunjuk. Ko hentam kromo saja. Ko tuduh macam-macam. Ko hina dan gelarkan syarikat dengan pelbagai gelaran. Berapa orang dah kena tipu dengan syarikat ini habaq mai kat aku?

      3) Professional ialah orang yang membuat dakwaan berserta bukti KUKUH lagi SAHIH untuk mensabitkan kesalahan. Bukannya buat fitnah, sebar syak wasangka buruk, dan cuma wujudkan kebencian dan penghinaan terhadap pihak yang lain. DOKTOR SEBENAR perlu bijak menghormati pihak lain yang sama-sama membantu ke arah KESIHATAN MANUSIA sejagat seperti pihak TCM/CAM/Integrative Medicine ini.

      Saya mohon pihak Legionnaire menghentikan sebarang FITNAH dan BURUK SANGKA tidak berasas anda terhadap suatu syarikat yang sedang menjayakan program anjuran kerajaan Malaysia itu sendiri (1Mkasih4U).

      Saya tidak anjurkan untuk semua HO sekarang meninggalkan Housemanship, tetapi saya khabarkan berita dari syarikat ini jika ada sesiapa yang mahu keluar dari housmanship untuk meneruskan kerjaya mereka di syarikat ORION PROKASIH.

      Sama ada pihak syarikat itu mahu menggelarkan kami sebagai DOKTOR atau pun tidak, itu terpulang kepada keputusan syarikat itu, bukan kami yang bekerja dengannya. Kerana kami tahu batas-batas seseorang pemegang sijil Pendaftaran Sementara MMC di luar Housemanship. Jika kamu tidak puas hati syarikat itu memanggil kami sebagai doktor, then, jika anda benar-benar professional, maka buatlah surat rasmi dengan baik, nyatakan kepada syarikat tersebut bahawa ianya SALAH di sisi undang-undang untuk mengelarkan kami (ex-HOs) yang kerja di syarikat itu sebagai DOKTOR. Tapi setahu saya MMC tidak halang kami mengelarkan diri kami sebagai doktor apabila berurusan di luar hospital, dan MMC juga tidak menghalang pihak lain masih panggil kami sebagai doktor. Asalkan kami tidak memandai pegang pesakit atau buat prosedur klinikal tanpa supervision dari mereka yang lebih bertauliah.

      Saya mungkin tidak fasih berbahasa Inggeris seperti anda Legionnaire, tapi saya faham apa yang saya buat mengikut jalur perundangan.

  37. Aku pelik kenapa ada puak2 MO yg dtg menyemak dlm blog ini cuba nak promosi housemanship bg mereka yg bertekad ingin keluar darinya.

    Kamu yg jeles ini seboleh-bolehnya mahu ikat masa depan pemegang ijazah perubatan dgn housemanship semata-mata walhal byk lg kerja diluar yg boleh dimanfaatkan dengan ijazah itu selain jadi HO.

    Doktor di Orion hanya terjemahkan test result dari ujian diagnostik pesakit dan cadangkan produk atau rawatan susulan di Lifecare Diagnostic Medical Center. Itu saja. Apa masalahnya?

    Apa bukti Legionnaires yg kononnya MOH kata supplements dari Orion ini hanya selamat tapi tidak bermanfaat? Ada keluar pekeliling ke? Ada keluar kenyataan rasmi dari MOH ke?

    Title DOKTOR ini juga dianugerahkan oleh YDP AGONG. Yg MMC boleh buat ialah menarik balik lesen APC bg mereka yg sudah ada APC tapi menyalahgunakan title doktor mereka itu untuk promo sesuatu yg tidak diperakui selamat atau terbukti berkesan oleh MMC. Juga MMC berhak mendenda mereka yg practice klinikal tanpa APC. Yg penting MMC tidak boleh menarik balik atau menghalang penggunaan title DOKTOR itu setelah ia diberikan atas restu YDP Agong kerana ia kuasa Agong.

    1. This comment has been removed by the author.

    2. We, the ex-HOs, are not calling ourselves a doctor in ORION PROKASIH but the company does, so still our fault?

      You want to wage war against ORION PROKASIH? Against me? For what? Kami kacau periuk nasi kamu ke? Kami langgar undang-undang ke? Prove it then, kumpul bukti, buat laporan, bawa ke mahkamah, tak perlu nak melalak dalam ini sebab kami di sini tidak pun kutuk kerja anda di hospital.

      Setakat gertak saja nenek U pun boleh gertak beb.

      Yang pasti negara kita sedang menuju ke arah INTEGRATIVE MEDICINE.... itulah masa depan. Masalah korang ni ialah tidak hormat bidang TCM/CAM/Integrative Medicine.... itu saja... dan gelarkan ia sebagai SCAM lah, tipu lah, MLM lah... all kind of craps.

      Kalau Orion Prokasih ni langgar undang-undang, sudah lama Majlis Belia Malaysia dan Ahli Jawatankuasa Kemajuan Ekonomi dan Keusahawanan (EDEC) tidak terlibat menjayakan program kerajaan 1Mkasih4U bersama syarikat ini. Jangan menabur fitnah, kelak nanti anda sendiri yang kena.

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  40. Nasihat saya kepada para HO di luar sana, teruskan HOUSEMANSHIP anda jika mampu, atau semampu boleh. Tetapi jika anda mahu keluar, maka insyaAllah rezeki Tuhan itu ada di mana-mana sahaja bagi yang terus berusaha, bukan goyang kaki duduk rumah saja. Saya khabarkan berita mengenai tawaran kerja oleh ORION PROKASIH ini tidak lebih dari sekadar mahu membantu menunjukkan peluang kepada mereka yang tekad mahu keluar dari housemanship, bukan untuk bermusuhan dengan pihak MO, hospital, KKM atau MMC. Tapi dek kerana beberapa orang yang berwatak "MO" di sini yang berterusan menghentam, menghina malah mempersenda syarikat ini serta bidang TCM/CAM/Integrative Medicine yang berkaitan syarikat ini, maka saya tergerak untuk memperbetulkan persepsi yang salah itu dengan menjawab dan menyoal-balik golongan yang menyebarkan buruk sangka tersebut.

    Saya perhatikan, golongan yang berwatak "MO" dalam blog ini amat sensitif dan anti apabila ex-HOs masih dipanggil DOKTOR oleh pihak luar. Walhal kami yang ex-HOs ini tidak kisah pun orang mahu panggil kami doktor atau pun tidak, itu terpulang kepada umum, kerana tiada pun undang-undang MMC atau negara yang menghalang kami digelar sebagai DOKTOR oleh pihak lain setelah kami mendapat sijil PENDAFTARAN SEMENTARA MMC, kerana ketika induksi, kami telah diberitahu oleh pihak fasilitator bahawa gelaran DOKTOR ini dikurniakan oleh YDP Agong kepada mereka yang berjaya mendapat PENDAFTARAN SEMENTARA MMC. Jadi ia bukanlah soal nak berbangga atau tidak dengan gelaran ini, tetapi apabila orang luar tahu kita pernah berkhidmat sebagai HO di hospital, biasanya mereka akan gelar kita sebagai doktor juga walaupun mungkin kita menafikannya sedaya upaya.

    Berbalik soal TCM/CAM/Integrative Medicine yang sekarang dipromosi oleh syarikat ORION PROKASIH sebagai salah satu divisi pelengkap kepada Lifecare Diagnostic Medical Center tersebut, kita jangan jadi jumud. Negara-negara maju pun telah mengorak langkah ke arah INTEGRATIVE MEDICINE dengan membina INTEGRATIVE MEDICAL CENTER bagi mewujudkan lebih banyak cabang pilihan rawatan kepada manusia. Aku bukan nak retorik tentang agama, tapi aku Muslim percaya contohnya Habatus Sauda yang disebut dalam Al-Quran dapat menyembuhkan pelbagai jenis penyakit. Ya, Habatus Sauda sehingga ke hari ini tidak dapat dibuktikan keberkesanannya dari segi saintifik dan kajian perubatan moden dari Barat. Tetapi sebagai Muslim, adakah aku perlu menolak kenyataan dari Al-Quran berkenaan Habatus Sauda (a part of TCM/CAM) semata-mata kerana ia masih tidak terbukti oleh sains masa kini? Jadi hormatlah sikit TCM/CAM/Integrative Medicine ini kerana kita sama-sama ingin melihat manusia terus sihat pun, bukannya sakit.

  41. This comment has been removed by the author.

  42. Tidak perlu main personal di sini Legionnaires, anda tahu apa berkenaan masalah peribadi saya yang menyebabkan saya terpaksa keluar dari HKL, sebelum saya jadi begitu cuai hingga boleh bunuh pesakit kerana terlalu letih dan mengantuk baik juga saya keluar. Jangan anggap kemampuan diri kamu sama macam orang lain, jangan takbur bila sewenang-wenang cuba membuka aib peribadi orang di bulan puasa ini hanya kerana kamu tidak setuju dengan apa yang saya cakap mengenai syarikat di sini kerana ia tiada kena mengena pun. Jangan lari dari tajuk Danny di atas.

    Siapa kata saya berlagak jadi doktor setelah keluar dari HO? Ada bukti tak? Jangan bikin persepsi fitnah. Saya cuma cakap jawatan yang ditawarkan syarikat itu memang DOKTOR tapi saya sendiri lebih gemar memanggilnya Medical Consultant kerana hakikat kerja sebagai Doktor di Orion hanyalah Consult saja.

    Dan skop kerja the so called doktor di syarikat itu adalah membaca test result klien dari ujian diagnostik kepada klien dan consult dia. Akhir sekali saya cadangkan kepada klien itu produk atau ujian diagnostik susulan atau rawatan seterusnya di Lifecare Diagnostic Medical Center. Tanpa menggunakan tag nama Dr pun pada baju, malah tanpa membahasakan diri juga sebagai doktor. Tapi jika orang tanya saya cakap lah saya pernah belajar dan berkelulusan perubatan, memang betul pun. Bukannya saya cakap "Percayalah aku sebab aku doktor". See?

    Dan tiada masa nak show off Stetoskop jika kerja hanya consult orang saja.

    Saya delete komen saya di FB Prokasih itu sebab confidentiality la juga selepas komen saya itu sama ada telah dijawab atau tidak dilayan oleh pihak Prokasih, itu saja. Salah ke? Penting ke untuk ramai orang tahu saya pernah kerja di HKL, hidup di sesuatu tempat dan apa yang saya mohon? A bogus job? I don't think so. Sebab terang-terang syarikat itu iklan jawatan tersebut secara terbuka dan dengan jelas skop kerja juga diberitahu. Cuma mungkin nama jawatan itu saja yang boleh jadi kontroversi kerana di atas kertas tertulis doktor. Tapi adakah ianya doktor seperti doktor perubatan bagi saya? Sudah tentunya tidak. Kerana itu saya panggilnya Medical Consultant saja.

    Yes. Twitter saya masih mengekalkan title Dr. di depan kerana itu untuk mereka yang mengenali saya sebelum ini. Yang penting saya tidak promosi sebarang produk atau services syarikat saya menggunakan FB atau twitter saya itu.

    Ya saya akui Tuhan yang beri rezeki pada kita semua terutama yang berusaha nak sara anak bini. Dan Tuhan juga yang menyembuhkan seseorang itu atas izinnya, bukan semata-semata teknik perubatan konvensional atau alternatif kerana itu semua hanyalah ikhtiar manusia melalui akal mereka yang terbatas.

    Saya khianat? Saya menyamar doktor? Fine... anda boleh fitnah dan bersangka buruk kepada saya sesuka hati, tapi yang penting saya dan Tuhan tahu apa yang saya buat. Bagi saya mudah, ada BUKTI saya langgar kod etika MMC maka terBUKTIlah. Jika tidak maka ianya FITNAH.

    Saya tak kata "kita sama-sama RAWAT pesakit" tapi saya kata "kita sama-sama INGIN MELIHAT manusia terus sihat". Memang benar pun. Siapa yang mahu lihat manusia lain sakit kan? Jadi adalah benar pihak anda di hospital MERAWAT mereka yang sakit manakala saya di syarikat ini tidak. Tapi tidak bermakna saya mahu melihat manusia ini terus sakit kan?

    1. Saya selalu guna ayat di blog ini "sebagai doktor di syarikat" kerana jawatan itu yang disebut syarikat. Tapi secara peribadinya saya suka guna istilah Medical Consultant. Dan saya tidak pernah mengaku saya ini DOKTOR PERUBATAN atau MO apatah lagi DOKTOR PAKAR apabila telah keluar housemanship. Dan saya tidak segan untuk mengakui yang saya adalah BEKAS DOKTOR atau BEKAS HO di HKL.

      Biar saya jelaskan dari apa yang kami faham ketika induksi dahulu. Penganugerahan gelaran doktor ini atas kurniaan YDP AGONG melalui sijil Pendaftaran Sementara MMC terhadap seseorang pemegang ijazah perubatan tersebut. Itu yang fasilitator saya cakap, bukan saya reka sendiri. Dan sekarang saya adalah BEKAS DOKTOR DI HOSPITAL atau BEKAS HO. Tetapi gelaran doktor di hadapan nama saya kekal boleh digunakan di luar skop hospital dalam apa jua urusan selagi ianya tidak melanggar perundangan MMC atau Akta Perubatan 1971. Dan selagi pendaftaran sementara MMC saya tidak dibatalkan. Adakah salah apa yang saya beritahu ini?

      Soal public masih mahu gelarkan saya DOKTOR itu bukan di bawah kuasa saya untuk menghalang mereka. Kerana mentaliti umum masyarakat kita sebegitu apabila merujuk seseorang pemegang ijazah perubatan, apatah lagi bekas HO masih sebagai doktor.

      Kalau saya pakai LAB COAT pun apa masalahnya? Banyak pihak yang bukan DOKTOR juga pakai lab coat.

      Jadi saya harap hentikanlah tohmahan ini. Anda kata anda "have nothing against Prokasih" tapi banyak kenyataan anda di atas itu menuduh, memperleceh serta menyebarkan prasangka negatif berkaitan operasi syarikat itu. Malah anda pernah hina perubatan traditional pun dalam komen yang lalu dengan menyebut AYURVHEDIC GARBAGE.

      Ya, saya sudah berhenti dari jadi DOKTOR PERUBATAN atau HO tapi saya apply kerja jawatan yang disebut DOKTOR oleh syarikat itu kerana mereka boleh terima kelulusan saya dan saya insyaAllah mampu melakukan skop tugas the so called Doctor untuk syarikat itu. Jadi jika anda, KKM atau MMC tidak berpuas hati syarikat itu guna istilah doktor untuk jawatan pekerja ex-HOs seperti saya maka saya syorkan agar surat penerangan atau peringatan dikeluarkan kepada syarikat ini agar mereka tahu pendirian rasmi pihak kerajaan berhubung isu gelaran doktor ini. Kerana saya sendiri sudah bertanya kepada bos baru saya bahawa tiada masalah untuk saya kekal guna gelaran doktor di hadapan nama saya selagi saya tidak melanggar kod etika professional MMC dan selagi pendaftaran sementara MMC saya tidak dibatalkan. Itu kata mereka. Namun bagi saya sendiri, saya tiada masalah pun untuk tidak menggunakan gelaran tersebut kerana yang penting saya dapat buat kerja dengan elok, ikut arahan syarikat yang tidak bertentangan dengan undang-undang negara/MMC serta jujur pada kemampuan diri sendiri.

      Salam Ramadhan buat semua Ex-HOs Muslim dan Danny dalam menempuhi kehidupan baru pasca housemanship ini. Semoga hidup kita semua diberkati Tuhan insyaAllah.

    2. saya baru je apply ikut Saya memang nak quit HO ni. berapa lama agaknya baru Prokasih akan reply application ni. saya memang xtahan hidup as HO ni. I need a change of environment..Insyaallah nati saya akan jadi ex-HO jugak. saya nak quit asap. Esok pon blh..

    3. Cuba awak call pihak Orion Prokasih, atau cuba berhubungan dengan mereka melalui email dan FB. Atau awak boleh terus ke Lifecare Diagnostic Medical Center (Wisma Lifecare) di Bangsar South untuk terus walk in interview dari hari Isnin-Jumaat jam 9am-4pm. Itu yang saya tahu. Interview dia santai saja.

    4. dia memang terima kan HO ni. Saya baru start sebulan, tapi really cant take all the pressure and workload..also the words of "wisdom" from the superiors. Sbb mmg nak quit ni.

    5. Yes, mereka boleh dan mahu menerima ramai graduan perubatan untuk mengisi kekosongan jawatan di syarikat tersebut. Selamat menempuh alam pasca HO. InsyaAllah rezeki Allah itu ada di mana-mana buat mereka yang BIJAK berusaha.

    6. saya dah dapat kol dari pihak HR tadi. Kena pergi interview ari selasa nanti. Interview je soalan pe? plg kurang kena bersedia jugak kan. I want this job. Tq sebab jadi mentor.

    7. saya ada satu kekeliruan. dalam prosedur letak jawatan, selalu ada ayat "ketua jabatan" adakah ini pengarah hospital atau ketua jabatan medical kalau kita tengah posting medical?

    8. Pasal interview tu awak bawa saja segala dokumen akademik yang original dan fotostat, sekali dengan RESUME, awak pakai elok-elok, rileks saja, tapi pastikan awak tahu sedikit sebanyak mengenai Complimentary and Alternative Medicine (CAM). Dia tak tanya banyak perkara pun. Betul-betul santai. Mereka mahu lihat kesungguhan awak dalam jenis kerja ini. InsyaAllah awak akan dapat.

    9. hye guys....we are planning to bring this ho issues to "Malaysian Human Rights Commissioner".....and possibly courts if needed.

      we need support from all ho's all over malaysia,from peninsular and sabah & sarawak.

      we will create 1 Malaysia Ho's Association (including our own credible lawyers and legal associates),official office,facebook acc only for ho's, & all necessary action including our own theme song .

      The main objective is to fight & protect for our own "HUMAN RIGHTS" . We will gather all ho's signature including those who will graduate from medical school,and whoever related to our profession and submit our memorandum to our beloved Prime Minister .

      In the beginning , we will focus on getting the rights for "compulsary" 1 hour break time for each 8 working hours,our own lockers to keep our belongings and food supply during on call night.More will come including the right action for those bad mouth mo,specialist and consultant.

      we will cooperate with kkm to release "surat pekeliling".And also must be implemented correctly without any prejudice by all head of department,consultant and specialist all over Malaysia.If not,they will facing the consequences.

      we need your support. we really need to unite on this issue no matter what our race is,you slim,fat,pretty,ugly,handsome or not.lets stand together .Please spread this issue...

      Come and join us on facebook,search for "housemanhumanrights"

  43. kalau kena bayar sebulan gaji, adakah ini gaji basic or gaji+elaun semua? ini untuk urusan perletakan jawatan

  44. Ketua Jabatan merujuk kepada ketua Jabatan yang anda sedang posting sekarang, misalnya pediatrik.

    dan sebulan gaji itu memang bermaksud keseluruhan EMOLUMEN (iaitu Gaji pokok + elaun).

  45. Ada sesiapa da start keje n da dpt first gaji x kat orion prokasih?

  46. Ada, cuba hubungi pihak Orion untuk mengetahui maklumat lanjut. Anda sendiri boleh bertemu dengannya face to face di Lifecare Diagnostic Medical Center di Bangsar South ketika walk-in interview.

  47. hi all, i come back here, to tell u that i have already quit ho since 2 weeks ago. :)

    to be honest, after all i am happy but thinking bout what i am going to do after this, is such a blind future. i don't have any back up plan.

    but that is not a regret. after quitting HO, life is such a happy life. hahaha

    but i am jobless :( ottoke?

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  50. Hello everybody.

    I am Lisa, I have commented above about my dilemma on whether I should start housemanship or never start it. For some reason I could not insert my name and my username is published instead.

    Thanks to Danny and Legionnaire's encouragement, I am now an HO, started my HOship with uncertainty and clueless-ness. Being a local medical graduate, things were not really difficult for me, I am already quite familiar with the writing style, management style, abbreviations and stuff. But I definitely lack knowledge, because I was not a good, studious, hardworking medical student back in school and I was definitely not my medical school's cream of the crop.

    On the first day of work, I made a huge mistake using the computerized system. I almost caused my senior to be 'extended' (because I was using her user ID, coz I am still new and do not have computer ID) and mistakenly clicked a wrong patient's user id for the blood samples that I took. She corrected the mistake straightaway and warned me to be really careful next time. From then on I have been extra careful in making every move on the computer. However, I could see that the senior HO has started to hate me.

    I am also quite clueless about what I should actually do everyday. No one tells me what to do, so what I do is complete my tagging sheet requirements (clerk necessary cases, perform required procedures). Because I have performance anxiety, my heart drops and falls/I get palpitations whenever a nurse/senior asked me to set branulas. My attempts were mostly successful, but most of my failed attempts were caused by my overshooting of the branula needle and thus, the branula tip gets kinked, pt gets oedema, I cannot inject heparin. Or patients with very thin veins, or coiled veins. And venepuncture on obese pts and the elderly. Those are my major weakness.

    Besides, I also became anxious to perform examinations. I am not sure whether the cervical os is actually still 4 cm or has progressed to 5 cm, my fingers just can't sense that. I'm afraid I would miss the fourchette or a small tear when I perform episiotomy repair. I'm afraid the pt would scream when I perform episiotomy. I can do it, I am capable, but I'm nervous, I'm afraid, I'm scared.

    I also realized I am not a fast thinker and I am not really capable of working in a fast-paced manner. I am not a fast-learner, I have to read/listen carefully, sometimes to repeat 2-3x to understand things fully. When a pt was bleeding profusely, I started thinking abt what I should do first, what my role should be. A colleague of mine who is a fast learner thinks fast, and acts fast, she quickly took a branula and set up an IV line.

    I decided I am not fully capable of becoming a good doctor. I can be a doctor, but not a good one. I am slow, I prefer calm situations. I love talking to patients, clerking history, and take my own sweet time to take blood/set branulas until the needle went in perfectly. I am not someone who can work in emergency situations, in a fast-moving environment.

    I am a very fragile, soft-spoken person, and that makes me feel like killing my rude MOs. I always believe rude people should not live and ruin the world. They should die, and the world will become peaceful. But no, things don't work like that in reality, especially in a hospital setting. Not only MOs, some nurses are also rude. They talk in a loud manner. Well I think that's because talking loudly, shouting and yelling are necessary in emergency situations.

    1. SSo I have given up. Call me weak, call me fragile. I'd rather not become a doctor than risking someone else's life. I know I might regret my decision. I would miss the medical knowledge. I actually love working in the hospital, I like to interact with patients. But it's the attitude of people whom I'm working with, the procedures I am anxious and got nervous to perform, and those failed branula attempts, which demoralized me.

      I also understand that this is just a beginning, there's so much more to see, to learn, to experience. But the problem is, it's too much. too much to learn, too much to know, too much to endure. I hate the minute details, like having to remember to write 'monkey bar' for the mx of a post-LSCS pt. Or the different dosages of a drug. Those are crucial in the medical world, and I don't fit in there.

      I go to work everyday feeling neutral, feeling empty, expecting just another working day. I do not feel depressed, I am okay. My hospital is good, I am lucky to get posted here. The staff here - colleagues, nurses, seniors and MOs, are much much better than those of other hospitals I have seen during my clinical school years. At least I don't wish a truck would run into me every morning (sorry Danny, just as an example).

      But it is just me stopping myself from becoming a doctor. What kind of doctor in the world likes to clerk patients but hates performing medical procedures? Tell me. Because I just don't make the cut.

      So, I went to the management office to get a 24-hour notice yesterday. I talked to the hospital's vice director, who keeps on telling me to think it through. He was reluctant to let me go, particularly because I am a graduate of a renowned local medical university. Yes my university has been producing very good quality medical doctors, and I am a failed product of it. My hands-on skills are actually just about at the same level with those of Indonesian and Russian graduates'. That's because I have been trying my best to avoid performing clinical procedures back in medical school, purely out of fear. Now look at what I've become. The only thing that makes me a lil bit superior than my fellow Indonesian or Russian grads is my history-taking and presentation skills. That's all I know.

      Despite all these fear, nervousness, uncertainties, I have tried my best to work. I only remember one thing. I worked 'dengan sangat ikhlas untuk tolong pesakit dan memperoleh rezeki halal'. Therefore whenever I do something, I worked my very best on it. You're right, Danny. On my laziest day, a day before I planned to resign, a senior HO commented, I am a good first-poster. I may be pessimistic, always look down or being harsh on myself, but I know my limits. I think some seniors don't like me, coz I'm too quiet and I do my own work. The thing is, I'm too anxious to make jokes. I've tried to smile but it turned out to be fake. I've tried to make jokes but it sounds stupid. Everybody's serious in the ward, it is a hospital setting, and I have too much worries inside of me that it's turning the jovial character of mine to a quiet, serious one.

      The vice director of the hosp suggested me to take a few days off to really think and decide about quitting and making a career change. He was afraid i would change my mind and regret my decision. My parents support any of my decisions, though of course, I believe they are still secretly hoping I would continue HOship. I have made them understand that it's time for me to make my own decision, and let me build my own future.

    2. I still like to work in the hospital, but I do think I would not make a good doctor. My colleagues advised me against quitting, said that I have come this far to achieve my dream. The problem is, being a doctor was never my dream (like I said above, I wish i had a choice), so should i care?

      Yes maybe i should. I care about those medical graduates from unrecognized universities who are struggling with their MQE exams, just to achieve their dreams of becoming doctors. I care about my juniors who might not get a place to do housemanship in the future. I care about the wasted energy, knowledge, time and money I've spent to get the medical degree. The truth is, I am living someone else's dream, walking someone else's life.

      I believe by right almost everyone in the department have got to know that I am resigning. The news spreads fast in a hospital setting. I can't go back to work with people looking at me and asking me "where have you gone? Why were you thinking about resigning? Are you depressed?" or having perceptions about me in their minds "she is weak. She is stressed, let's not let her take blood, she might cause harm to the pt. She is so blur. She's pathetic. She's a freak lah, she's just weird." Maybe.

      I am now so clueless, my mind is so cloudy that I now wish a truck would run into me so I could get into coma and do not have to make a decision. But no, I have to live, and I've got to decide. I have another job waiting for me, but I am not sure about what it can offer for my future. I would lose all the privilege of being a government servant.

      It is a long-term decision about my own future I am talking about. I can not decide. I just want to fall asleep and never wake up.

      Help me, I need your opinion.

    3. Dear Lisa,

      I stand by what I have said before, that you will make a great Houseman. And I have my reasons.

      Making a mistake on the computer is no excuse to quit your housemanship. Our hospital's computer system was never user-friendly, and is always complicated. Even specialists make mistakes when using the PC every now and then. I even had an MO who's been in the hospital for almost a year, yet doesn't even know how to enter notes into the PC, and doesn't know how to order lab tests. All of his notes are entered by HO. He would just ask us to follow him to the PC, and type whatever he says. Yet he's doing fine.

      There are always HOs who like you, and HOs who hate you. It's the same everywhere else. For every HO who hates you, there would be another who would support you and befriend you.

      Don't worry about inserting the branula as well. I was really bad at inserting branulas too, initially. For every 10 attempts, 8 would overshoot, and 2 would only last for a day or two before it gets bunked. But I just keep on doing it. And eventually I became really good with inserting lines, even with kids. Not to boast myself, but I was pretty good. Sometimes I would just insert a line blindly if it's really difficult, and managed to get access anyway. Chewah.

      Your problem Lisa, is your lack of self-esteem and confidence. The other HOs arent really that good. They're just pretending to be good, because that's what the MOs and Specialists expect from them. Deep inside, they are just as anxious as you are. Just that some of them are really good at hiding it.

      This might sound ironic, coming from the author of this blog, but I really hope you won't quit. I just have this really strong gut feeling that you will make a great doctor, and if you quit you're going to regret it someday.

      If you are still in doubt, you can always ask our opinion here. Lots of people here are willing to help.

    4. Dear Lisa,

      Your posts tell me that you are an awesome doctor. When I get sick, I want to see you for treatment. Too often, doctors, they just hide their insecurity by arrogance, pride, and being nasty. You are brave to acknowledge your insecurity. I am so confident that you are going to be a great doctor!

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  52. Hello
    i've just finished my housemanship
    although actually i have no interest whatsoever working as a doctor
    the only thing that got me going was that i was jpa scholar and had such a great amount of debt with govt

    any ideas what options are there for people like me, who actually finished hosuemanship but still want to run away from it? thanks heaps

  53. Dear alphalegionnaire and super ultra marine or whatsoever u both are. With all respect there is nothing wrong of working as a doctor,lecturer,orionprokasih, underwriter,claims investigator, med rep and others. The only difference is way of making moneys. So whatever you guys are even MOs. Please bare in your mind the choice is personal! Even danny himself now being called doctor even he is working as an underwriter at the office. People still calling him dr danny. Thats the least we got once we are grad as MD.

  54. Salam and hi to all. I just started a group in Facebook for all medical graduates in Malaysia who decided not to practice medicine anymore regardless of reason. I'm planning to form an association that acts as a support group for those who are planning to or had already quit medicine in the future. Come and join us at

  55. Salam and hi danny, pretty much the same as u, hate the job, love automotive etc. I quit with 24h notice and never look back since then. Atm im starting a networking business with phytoscience & part time takaful agent...fingers crossed >. <

  56. Whoever wants to quit H0usemanship. Just do so peeps. I am a HO as well. Currently in my 5th posting already in 3rd month. And the stress grew as u climbed your way through housemanship. Most of my fellow junior HOs are like "waa bestnya. Dah nak habis housemanship". While most of the bosses are like "oh 5th poster already. Good. I can rely on you, cant i?" and give me all these creepy kind of looks.
    So basically if u really wanna quit. And if u already found a way other than this gruesome non-living life.just do so. Being a senior HO is sheety. Some of my friends who aren't doctors keep telling me that i'll be fine after completed my HOship. LMFAO. Ive seen MOs quit their job and senior MOs told me that they want to quit. LOLOLOL.
    Why am i telling u to quit when me myself is hanging on with this job. Well i got myself an suv and i am financially supporting my family.and i am a jpa scholar as well. But i am quitting clinical right after HO. Wish me the best.

  57. Im also a ho. seriously tgh consider quitting this shity job. I cnt do it anymore. I cried almost everyday. But im scared and dnt hv the courage to do smthing as i keep on thinking of not getting a gd job after i quit. Told my parents about it but they cnt understand. To them, being a doctor is everything. Good job, ppl respecting u with gd money. They asked what i wnt to do after quitting? Kerja kedai? They dnt knw what HOs went through every day. I bet if they knw, they also tak tahan. Dah la busy, rushing, lari sana sini, pressure kena maki. I just dnt wnt to do this anymore but im scared to quit! Everyday i dragged my two feet pg kerja with air mata meleleh. Ergh idk what should i doooo. Should i quit? Tp nak kerja apa after that, parents sure mrh. Or should i continue? I just cnt continue anymore and why should i do smthing for org lain tp i tak happy? Dilemma sgttt..

    1. Hi Fitasha,

      Why did you take up medicine in the first place? No matter how tough something is, if you have the passion, you will succeed. I have a friend who used to cry every morning before going to work. Every single day she cried because she's afraid of getting scolded. But she turned out to be a really good HO, the best in every postings. All the specialists and MOs like her. Why? Cos she always had the passion to become a doctor since the beginning.

      If it was your sincere ambition to become a doctor in the first place, I would advice that you hold on and complete your housemanship. But if your true passion lies somewhere else, then go ahead and pursue your dreams.

  58. Hi there. Is this blog still active? I will be meeting the psychiatrist tomorrow. Don't know what to expect. I just don't have the passion. I just can't. I hate meeting people, touching them and stuff. And I just happen to be an introvert, which is not a very good character for a doctor.

    My parents are 50/50 about my decision to quit. They are concerned about my future. There's not much thing you can do with a medical degree that is not related to medic if you don't complete housemanship training. Please advice.


    We are Owner and Operator a General Practice (GP) Clinic in Bandar Sungai Long, Bangi and Putrajaya (Presint Diplomatik - Klinik Pakar KASIH).

    We are looking for a dedicated Medical Officer Requirements at Bandar Sungai Long Clinic:-
    Lady doctor
    MBBS or equivalent from a recognized institution approved by Ministry of Health Malaysia
    Possess valid Annual Practicing Certificate
    Registered with Malaysia Medical Council
    Minimum 2 years working experience in Obstetric & Gynecology
    Attended an Obstetric Life Saving Skill
    Attended A Neonatal Resuscitation Program
    Working hours negotiable with minimum on-call
    Very attractive salary RM7,000 (starting)
    Kindly please send to recommend CV to:

    Clinic information:-

    NO. 12 JALAN SL 1/13
    43000 KAJANG
    TEL / FAX: 03-90114833

  60. U may contact me.. i have some offer where u can still help people... consult people.. and make money...

  61. What happen to jpa scholar who is quitting from housemenship.. How is the payment.. Pay every month or lumpsum?

  62. Hi everyone! I am a fresh graduate from a local university but after working as a house officer for almost 2 months, i just felt aimless and hopeless and decided to resign. I was already struggling with my studies during final year of med school and wanted to quit since then but fortunately, my lovely batchmates cheered me on and I passed my final exam. I was really happy and could not wait to start my job however when the chance finally arrived after 4 months of break, I succumbed to the brutal and slavery hospital setting.

    We work on shift systems and I must say that the most dreadful shift is PM shift which starts at 7am and ends at 10pm. On top of that, I started off with a challenging posting which is O&G where everyone is expected to work fast and be very mindful of the documentation. As a first poster, I tend to do things slowly as I am still learning about the work system but the working environment here is very nasty. As what most people would say, O&G deals with 2 lives and there are many medico-legal issues. So, a little mistakes that you did, you'd end up getting scoldings, threats about getting extension and "re-tagged" by the MOs and specialists.

    There were many circumstances where I got scolded for no reasons or for stupid reasons by the horrible MO but all I could do was to keep quiet and apologize. I hate going into the OT to assist them, I hate doing reviews because we have to be very clear of the patient's background and there are so many patients with different background in the ward.

    To be honest, I do not mind working long hours, having irregular working hours, setting up branulas, taking bloods, clerking patients but I could not withstand the stressful working environment with everyone working at their fastest pace. I prefer to settle for a calmer job which makes me feel useful and appreciated. As for working as a houseman, the long working hours prevent us from doing some studies and you have to equipped yourself with medical knowledge or else you'd get screw up by your superiors.

    Up to now, I have no idea what I had been doing for the 5 years of med school. I am so fed up by this and gradually my passion for this noble job is fading away. I have brought up this issue to my colleagues, parents and lecturers from my former university and most of them adviced me not to quit and saying that it will be fine after housemanship.

    The issue here is that I no longer have the heart to walk into "hell" and I have found another alternative in life. I wanted to be a flight attendant since I was small but I gave it up because my parents were against it. Recently, the interest rekindled and I felt alive again thinking that it is not the end of the world for me. However, I lost a lot of things by choosing this path. I am a JPA scholar and so I need to pay off a hefty amount of RM250k if I were to quit; my bf broke up with me because his parents and he could not accept my drastic change in career; my mum gives me a lot of stress everyday by saying all the drawbacks of being a cabin crew that she could find under the sun and I am also well aware that this might not be a long term job.

    Currently I am on a very long leave, a privilege given to me so that I could buy more time to think carefully of the consequences of my action. It has been more than 2 weeks and I am still firm about resigning housemanship and to pursue other things is life which could make me a happier and functional person.

    I would appreciate some positive encouragement or enlightenment from people all around the world, even better if you are facing with the same problem so we can try to work things out together. Thank you for your time :)

    1. How interesting that I found this blog when I am in the process of reapplying for my housemanship this morning ! XD

      I too have quit housemanship about 5 years ago as I had really poor health before this and I seriously was preparing to die young

      But thank God recently I managed to overcome my illness and gained back my health !

      This is my story

      After my journey of healing, I realized the potential of Mercola's article about insulin resistance and also Longo's research about cell regeneration through periodic fasting

      An interesting discovery is underway as I embark upon research in this area, which is why I am reapplying for housemanship right now after 5 years of quitting

      For all who may be thinking of quitting now, dont worry because life is a journey and an adventure !

      I too recount the twist and turns of my life after I quit, but I have no regrets because now that I am reborn in God, I see those twists and those turns as God's way of preparing me for what I am about to embark on !

      If any of you do quit and you are looking for a job, please feel free to contact me as I can show you how to start your own business just as how God helped me start my own business with whats remaining of my savings from my housemanship 5 years ago

      My name is Eugene, I am on facebook

      My phone is 0123375629 ( I am also on whatsapp )

      I import stuff from this website

      Here is the story of how I got started

      Full story here :

      So you have an interest to start business yourself or if you know anyone who have an interest to get to know about how to start up, please feel free ask me anything, I can show you all the doors I went through and I will be glad to be of assistance

      to be honest i started taking stock of goods from taobao with only RM 500 five years ago, its whats left of my houseman salary savings after i got a dslr and started my website FAME CHeRRy

      from taobao we can get virtually anything that china makes, even motorbike or furniture

      and if you have an ability to source for Malaysian products to export to china i would assume that you may earn a living selling on taobao as well earning china yuan which is a huge advantage against the rapidly depreciating ringgit

      the possibilities of this is just limitless really

      If you have any questions please feel free to ask me

      Would be my pleasure to help you =)

      oh and my company we are also running an internship programme, the pay is not much only RM 700 per month but our working hours is only weekdays Monday - Friday ( 2 pm - 6 pm )

      if you not able to work all days Monday - Fridays we can also work on a mutually agreeable schedule together no problem

      my website is, we are a fashion blog but we also retail in photography and videography equipment

      we run this internship with the hopes of showing our interns all aspects of how to start business with the hopes that all our interns leave us with a business already in their own hands, that they may achieve even greater heights that us !

      My medical background has greatly benefit me in my business as I apply the scientific principles I learnt in Russian med school here in my business

      So dont worry about the perception that what we studied in university would go to waste if we quit because most of the information we learnt would be obsolete anyways after we graduate

      But whats evergreen is the way university teaches us how to think and process information !

      Even so, knowledge of the world passes away, what remains is only true wisdom

      Which is the self sacrificial Love that is of God, from God and is God

      All glory to the Lord Jesus Christ

      Hallelujah !

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  64. Hi Danny, how is life now? Any regret?